The Rune™ by Rune Vape LLC is the first refillable, open-system nicotine salts vaping device that comes prepackaged with a 10ml bottle of highly satisfying, 4.5% strength nicotine salts eliquid.

Included with the starter kit are two refillable, high-capacity Rune Pods™ designed to eliminate much of the unpleasantness of current devices on the market, including the spitting of eliquid while the end user draws.

The Rune™ is the most pleasurable auto-draw, nicotine salts vaping experience on the market, providing consumer satisfaction without the need for massive vapor production: Perfect for the growing issues of public vaping.


READY FOR SOMETHING NEW? Easily switch flavors by simply removing and replacing the pod. Pods firmly click into place


EMPTY POD? NO PROBLEM. Remove the stopper on the bottom and refill the pod with Eliquid to use again.


LOW BATTERY? NOT FOR LONG. Plug the USB end of the device into any USB port. Device fully charges in one hour.

Introducing Rune™

  • BETTER FLAVOR: Flavors have been field tested in traditional vape markets where consumer expectation is high.
  • LONGER BATTERY LIFE: The 400mAh battery is among the largest in its class,
    providing long life with even aggressive use.
  • SIMPLE CHARGING: The built in USB plug works on any USB outlet, allowing for charging at home and on-the-go without cables or adapters.
  • LARGER CAPACITY: The 1.5ml Rune PodTM is twice the capacity of the leading competitor, allowing consumers to go longer between refills.
  • BEST IN CLASS VOLUME PRICING SCHEME: Included 10ml bottle is 2.5x the amount of eliquid provided in a refill pack by the leading competitor. The 30ml bottles are 10x the amount.
  • VAPOR PRODUCTION: The RuneTM uses a 1.8ohm resistance coil to produces a satisfying amount of flavor with a minimal amount of vapor, perfect for the modern vapor.
  • SAFETY: No buttons to press means no auto-firing in consumer pockets. The auto-draw system with a 1.8ohm resistance heating filament and safety designs makes RuneTM among the safest devices in all of vaping.